IdentityIQ Release Notes

The IdentityIQ 3.1.10 release includes the following minor changes:

  • Adds provisioning support for a soon-to-be-added Library Borrower for Schlesinger Library.
  • Expands support of User Principle Names within the new domain

Known Issues

  • No known issues have been raised for IIQ 3.1.10


Previous IdentityIQ Releases

IIQ 3.1.9 - 2/2/17

IdentityIQ 3.1.9, released on February 2, 2017, includes enhancements to notifications, as well as performance & bug fixes. 


  • Setup a scheduled process to prune the event logs (TEAMX-989)
  • Enabled internal event auditing on several custom workflows. (TEAMX-1070)


  • Simplified the notifications send to users when entering the Grace period in an effort to reduce confusion. (TEAMX-575, TEAMX-1137)
  • Several configuration changes aimed at providing a uniform licensing model for SharePoint and Exchange Online, and introduced new communities to faciliate future functionality for the Graduate schools. (TEAMX-941, TEAMX-1088)

Bug Fixes

  • Implemented vendor recommended bug fix for identified vulnerabilty. (TEAMX-1084)
  • Removed unused/deprecated code and account links (TEAMX-927, TEAMX-983)

Known Gaps and Remediation Steps

  • None


IIQ 3.1.8 - 12/15/16

IdentityIQ 3.1.8, released on December 15, 2016, facilitated the resolution of duplicate identities within the identity registry.

New or Enhanced Functionality:

  • When an identity is marked as a "Duplicate Of" in MIDAS, all of the associated duplicate accounts in the targets will be deprovisioned and the associated cube will be pruned

Known Gaps and Remediation Steps:

  • None at this time

IIQ 3.1.7 - 11/14/16

IdentityIQ 3.1.7, released on November 14, 2016, includes several enhancements:

New or Enhanced Functionality:

  • Deprecated provisioning to FASMail
  • Housekeeping tasks can now be performed on demand for specific cube(s)
  • Fine-tuned Kerberos aggregation process
  • Enhanced logic to ensure title changes are updated correctly in UNIVAD
  • Enhanced grace period logic to ensure resources are not lost prematurely
  • Added 2 domains to UPN white-list


IIQ 3.1.6 - 9/28/16

IdentityIQ 3.1.6, released on September 28, 2016, includes several enhancements:

New or Enhanced Functionality:

  • Updated the configuration to ensure stricter FERPA compliance.  This reconfiguration addresses the issue that students have experienced not being recognized to download Office ProPlus.
  • Enhancements have been made to the logging of system activities to better support efficient and effective troubleshooting.