Get Started

Want to learn more about IAM services, or get started implementing solutions in your own setting? These overviews should help answer your preliminary questions. Want to dig deeper? Each of the Getting Started guides contains links to further technical information or where to go with more questions. You may also want to check our Resources page for more detailed information.

A Case of Identity: What is IAM?
A brief introduction to identity and access management and how it's being addressed at Harvard.

Getting Started With Authentication
An introduction to the Harvard Authentication System, including supported protocols and options for single sign-on (SSO).

Getting Started With LDAP
Learn about Harvard's LDAP directory, including how to request access to attributes.

Getting Started With One-Way Federation
Learn the basics of one-way federation (OWF), including how OWF fits in to other IAM shared-login efforts.

Behind The Login Screen: Understanding Web Authentication Protocols
A guide to web authentication protocols by Marlena Erdos, originally presented as supporting materials for her presentation to the abcd-security subgroup in October 2014.