Identity Lifecycle Committee

The mission of the IAM Identity Lifecycle Committee is to work towards improving the end-user experience at Harvard. This will be accomplished by bringing the collective and varied expertise of a representative set of campus business process owners to bear on topics related to the management of identity related processes and services.

The primary objective of the group is to contribute meaningful recommendations on process improvement and service offerings, and to serve as a catalyst for projects across the University that will improve onboarding and the lifecycle of user experience through better systems, processes, education and raising awareness of process and policy. 

The group will advise the product and practice management team of the Identity and Access Management Program, including endorsing recommendations to the IAM Executive Committee. The committee will meet on a monthly basis.


  • Participate in improving the end-user experience at Harvard
  • Provide a catalyst for projects across the University that will measurably improve onboarding and other lifecycle processes
  • Provide forum for related policy discussion
  • Provide input on the IAM product strategy
  • Serve as a sounding board for new ideas and approaches to providing identity and access management services
  • Assist with quantifying the impact of proposed process changes and recommending implementation approach

Guiding Principles

  • Commit to improving the user experience
  • Act in the interest of Harvard as a whole
  • Openly acknowledge problem areas and promote change when needed
  • Work towards eliminating the historical silos that may have previously hindered the improvement of processes and systems
  • Encourage broad communication and offer direct support as a stakeholder
  • Operate with transparency around process and decision making
  • Use criteria and metrics to evaluate ideas and measure them against desired outcomes
  • Accept uncertainty, ambiguity, and absence of absolutes when necessary


The group is currently being reconstituted for work with HarvardKey Light Project in 2020 and beyond.