Technical Oversight Committee 2014/15

The vision of the IAM Technical Oversight Committee is to provide consistent, timely, and meaningful review of proposals of architecture and standards for the Identity and Access Management Program. The IAM Technical Oversight Committee will identify the need for technical solutions, architecture, and standards. When those have been developed, provide feedback as well as recommendation for adoption to the IAM Executive Committee. The committee will meet on a monthly basis.


  • Guide and approve recommendations to the IAM Executive Committee for architectures and standards
  • Identify the need for technical solutions, architectures, and standards
  • Recommend a set of resources outside the IAM Program Team to be involved in drafting architectures and standards
  • Coordinate around technical change management to ensure that change will be included in local planning

Guiding Principles

  • Promote change and acknowledge areas that need improvement to improve the University
  • Urge the crossing of silos where it will improve business processes
  • Encourage broad communication and support among stakeholders
  • Be transparent in our processes and decisions
  • Use criteria and metrics to evaluate ideas and measure them against desired outcomes
  • Accept uncertainty, ambiguity, and the lack of absolutes when necessary

Standing Agenda

  • Approval of Prior Minutes
  • Chair’s Report
  • Architecture
  • Standards
  • Working Group Updates
  • Proposal Review and Recommendations to Approve
  • General Discussion Topics

Minutes & Archive Materials


Carolyn Brzezinski (Technical Lead, Student Information Systems, HUIT)
Steve Duncan (Director of Information Technology, HKS)
David Faux (Sr. Technical Architect, HUIT)
Eileen Flood (Associate Director for Web Based Solutions, Campus Services)
Tim Gleason (Directory Architect, IAM, HUIT)
Sherif Hashem (Manager of Network and Linux Systems, HLS)
Ken Ho (Database Administrator, GSE IT)
Yadhav Jayaraman (Director of Application Development, HBS)
Colin Murtaugh (Senior Manager, Academic Platform Technology, HUIT)
Micah Nelson (Information Security Specialist, HUIT)
Rich Ohlsten (Practice Manager, CAADS, HUIT)
Brian Pedranti (Novell Manager, HSPH)
Jonah Pollard (Project Manager, Cloud Services Collaboration, HUIT)
Sara Sclaroff (Associate Director, Administrative Systems, HUIT)
Randy Stern (Library IT)
Tim Vaverchak (Program Director, IAM, HUIT)