Harvard Key Light Project Underway

March 19, 2020
The Identity & Access Management Team has begun work on a new project 'Harvard Key Light'.  The vision for this initiative is to enable an extended population of current and prospective Harvard users to readily access University online resources through simplified and secure processes that improve the user experience and promote active collaboration across and beyond Harvard. 

We know there are additional populations with an affiliation to Harvard who might not have a HUID but need access to online resources, so we plan to offer a service to help them do that in an easy way.

Objectives for the HarvardKey Light (HKL) project are:

  • Simplify the account creation and experience for an extended population of users accessing Harvard resources 

  • Address security concerns of multiple identity systems, including XID

  • Build capability to understand how users are engaging with Harvard

  • Support research, collaboration, and growth in participation in University programs and other activities by reducing barriers to access for Harvard’s extended population 

We are busy collecting user stories and working with various stakeholders across the University to understand their requirements.  Harvard Web Publishing is also conducting UX research to help inform the design.  And some further considerations for a "HarvardKey 2.0"  that improves the University's security stature through expansion of HarvardKey by introducing a new security policy framework and identity management controls, and incorporating new user populations along with applications are also being developed.   

More to come as the project continues.  But please let us know if you have any ideas for groups who should be included, just email iam@harvard.edu.