IAM PI-14 - Sprint 4 Complete

June 6, 2018

The fourth sprint of the 14th quarter of IAM development is complete and it included the most significant cloud migration the IAM team has made to date when we migrated our database in addition to the XID schema to Amazon Web Services (read more here). The details of Sprint 4 (and a new format for status reporting) are as follows:

PI-14 Feature Progress

PI-14 Sprint 4 Feature Progress

Committed features 17 change % of total
In Progress 8 -1 47%
To Do 2 -1 12%
Complete/Deferred 7 +2 41%


Changes to Commitments this Sprint

  • Moved to "In Progress" (1 commitment)
    • DUO update user alias and user information from HarvardKey self-service
  • Completed (2 commitments)
    • IAM Database to the Cloud
    • Move XID schema to the Cloud

Operational Statistics

Ops Stats 14-4

See the attached documents for full details about this PI and IAM project/operational statistics. You can learn more about how we do PI Planning and how to interpret the attached Summary/Priority reports by viewing our "IAM Planning & Progress Reporting" overview post.

pi-14_-_sprint_4_-_summary_report.pdf79 KB
pi-14_-_sprint_4_-_priorities.pdf60 KB