IAM PI-16 Mid-Point Update

November 19, 2018

Half of PI-16 (October 2018 - early January 2019) is complete and almost every planned feature has begun. So far we have released an update to improve user opt-in of Office365 and are very intensely focused on preparing for two major upgrades in early January of our Provisioning (IIQ) and Authentication systems.  A quick summary of PI-16 progress is below.

PI-16 Progress

pi-16 2

Planned features 11 % of total
In Progress 8 73%
To Do 1 9%
Complete/Deferred 2 18%
  • Complete Features
    • Add password sync to O365 email opt-in processes - Simplify O365 opt-in process by including password sync
  • Deferred Features
    • HarvardKey and email Qlik troubleshooting report for Support services - Determined that Qlik reporting of Provisioning data will require significant development in a future PI

Operational Statistics


See the attached documents for full details about this PI and IAM project/operational statistics. You can learn more about how we do PI Planning and how to interpret the attached Summary/Priority reports by viewing our "IAM Planning & Progress Reporting" overview post.




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