IAM PI-17 - Sprint 4 Complete

March 6, 2019

The fourth sprint of the 17th quarter of IAM development is complete. The details of Sprint 4 are as follows:

Quarter 3 (PI-17) Feature Progress

Quarter 3 (PI-17) Feature Progress (10/13)


Committed features 20 change % of total
In Progress 10   60%
To Do 0   0%
Complete/Deferred 3 +1 40%

Changes to Commitments this Sprint

  • Completed (1 commitment)
    • Allow Library Research Assistants to be a role on a person's permanent HUIDs

Operational Statistics

Operational Statistics Graph for PI-17-4


See the attached documents for full details about this PI and IAM project/operational statistics. You can learn more about how we do PI Planning and how to interpret the attached Summary/Priority reports by viewing our "IAM Planning & Progress Reporting" overview post.

iam_pi-17-4_sprint_report.pdf80 KB
iam_pi-17_priorities.pdf62 KB