New FAS POI form launched

August 24, 2020

On August 24th, 2020 a new Person of Interest (POI) form for the FAS  launched. A team from IAM and FAS Administrative Operations worked together to create the new form and business process. The FAS Person of Interest (POI) Authorized Identity Request Form is used to request a POI affiliation role. POI roles are given to non-FAS employees such as a vendor, collaborator, tenant, or volunteer for access into FAS buildings or to FAS online resources. In order to submit this request, this form must be submitted to Harvard University Information Technology Identity and Access Management (HUIT IAM) by a Department Administrator or Executive Director.

The new FAS POI form formalizes an existing business process for requesting an FAS POI. But with the new form there is the new step that Department Administrators and/or Executive Directors are responsible for verifying and submitting all POI requests to HUIT Identify and Access Management (IAM). Going forward, HUIT IAM will only accept FAS POI forms submitted by Department Administrators or Executive Directors, and will inform anyone not in these roles who submits a POI form to resubmit the request through their DA or ED.


  • Increases awareness of POI requests and active POI affiliations for FAS administrators
  • Standardizes processes and approvals for HUIT IAM
  • Streamlines information collected about a POI, including the description of this POI’s role and duties at Harvard

The new form is available at the FAS Onboarding Toolkit along with a Fact Sheet that explains the new process.