PI-15 Complete, PI-16 Begins

October 23, 2018

After a brief hiatus of status reporting the IAM team is happy to report PI-15 (July - Sept 2018) is complete and PI-16 (end of 2018) has begun. PI-15 saw a tremendous volume of work to move all IAM hosts out of the 60 Oxford Street Datacenter and we are pleased to report that we have no active servers in 60 Oxford Street! A quick summary of PI-15 and PI-16 goals overview is below.

PI-15 Final Status

PI-15 Final Status

Committed Features 20 % of Total
Complete 16 80%
Deferred 4 20%

PI-16 Goals and Status

PI-16 (end of 2018) includes 11 Planned Goals including 2 incredibly important goals -- the upgrades of IIQ (Provisioning) and CAS (Authentication). The breakdown of PI-16 features is as follows:

PI-16 Feature Progress

Pi-16 Sprint 1

PI-16 Feature Progress

Planned features 11 change % of total
In Progress 7 - 64%
To Do 4 - 36%
Complete/Deferred 0 - 0%

Operational Statistics

PI-16 Sprint 1 Ops

See the attached documents for full details about this PI and IAM project/operational statistics. You can learn more about how we do PI Planning and how to interpret the attached Summary/Priority reports by viewing our "IAM Planning & Progress Reporting" overview post.

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