POI Portal Local Implementation Managers

Managing Persons of Interest (POI) at Harvard

Beginning in July 2021, Harvard will be making significant changes to better manage POI roles at the University.

  • We are launching a new web application to enable users to more effectively manage POIs. The POI Portal is expected to launch this summer and will streamline the business process for creating, maintaining and reporting on POIs.
  • We are publishing a new POI Policy that clarifies the responsibilities individuals and departments sponsoring POIs possess for the stewardship of POI data at the University and the use of access granted to individuals by their action.
  • We defined a new business process to better support POI creation and management and enhance accountability and transparency for sponsors, administrators, schools and units.
  • We overhauled the list of POI Role Types to better align with business needs, adding new role types, providing improved descriptions and examples, and clarifying eligibility for services

We recognize that this will mean adopting new practices and technology and we appreciate the effort and cooperation of sponsors and administrators in supporting this change.

Local Implementation Managers

Below is a list of local implementation managers (LIMs) partnering with IAM on the rollout of the POI Portal. Please contact your LIM with questions about the POI Portal rollout in your area.

School/Unit LIM(s) Local Resources
Campus Services
 - Harvard Global
Kerry Ann Beirne  
Central Administration/Office of President & Provost, including:
- Allieds
- Agencies
- Affiliates
- Interfaculty Initiatives
- Harvard Art Museums
- Arboretum
Julie Carroll  
Faculty of Arts & Sciences Katherine Gates
Maureen Berry
Onboarding Toolkit
Graduate School of Design Ashley Lang
Suneeta Gill
Sara Wilkinson
Lisa Plosker
Michelle Muliro
Harvard Business School Denis Collet
Sally Robinson
Harvard Chan School of Public Health Trina Weekes
Jennifer Ivers
Harvard Divinity School Susan Worst  
Harvard Graduate School of Education Evelyn Wong
Maureen Donahue
Harvard Human Resources Chris Lanciani  
Harvard John A. Paulson School of Engineering and Applied Sciences Tomye Little
Diane Schneeberger
Harvard Kennedy School Ian Dalley
David Dunne
Harvard Law School Karen Gray  
Harvard Library and Harvard College Library Valerie Sacchetti  
Harvard Medical School Megan Halligan
Dev Karambelkar
Jose Martinez
William Kugler
HMS POI Resources
Harvard School of Dental Medicine Mary Anderson 
Stacey Kane 
Lia Sgourakes 
Harvard University Health Services David Kearns
Katie Vandenabeele
Harvard University Information Technology May Woo-Mok  
Harvard University Police Department Michelle Byrne  
Radcliffe Institute for Advanced Studies Asma Shariff  


Resources for LIMs

Visit our LIM Resources page for links to key resources.