IdentityIQ Release Notes


IdentityIQ 3.1.11, released on 5/18/2017, includes the below enhancements:

  • Expanded the list of allowable Harvard Owned HUIT Managed email domains that are permissible in support the incoming HKS students. 
  • Streamlined a multi-step process in order to improve stability and performance.
  • Notification process improvements aimed at increasing stability and performance when entering Grace periods. 
  • Notification verbiage updates for entering grace, as well as 5 and 10 days prior to the end of the grace period to better describe for the user what services and accounts are affected and why. In addition, both will now ignore manually assigned entitlement roles.

Previous IdentityIQ Releases

IIQ 3.1.10 - 3/9/17


he IdentityIQ 3.1.10 release includes the following minor changes:

  • Adds provisioning support for a soon-to-be-added Library Borrower for Schlesinger Library.
  • Expands support of User Principle Names within the new domain

Known Issues

  • No known issues have been raised for IIQ 3.1.10


IIQ 3.1.9 - 2/2/17

IdentityIQ 3.1.9, released on February 2, 2017, includes enhancements to notifications, as well as performance & bug fixes. 


  • Setup a scheduled process to prune the event logs (TEAMX-989)
  • Enabled internal event auditing on several custom workflows. (TEAMX-1070)


  • Simplified the notifications send to users when entering the Grace period in an effort to reduce confusion. (TEAMX-575, TEAMX-1137)
  • Several configuration changes aimed at providing a uniform licensing model for SharePoint and Exchange Online, and introduced new communities to faciliate future functionality for the Graduate schools. (TEAMX-941, TEAMX-1088)

Bug Fixes

  • Implemented vendor recommended bug fix for identified vulnerabilty. (TEAMX-1084)
  • Removed unused/deprecated code and account links (TEAMX-927, TEAMX-983)

Known Gaps and Remediation Steps

  • None


IIQ 3.1.8 - 12/15/16

IdentityIQ 3.1.8, released on December 15, 2016, facilitated the resolution of duplicate identities within the identity registry.

New or Enhanced Functionality:

  • When an identity is marked as a "Duplicate Of" in MIDAS, all of the associated duplicate accounts in the targets will be deprovisioned and the associated cube will be pruned

Known Gaps and Remediation Steps:

  • None at this time

IIQ 3.1.7 - 11/14/16

IdentityIQ 3.1.7, released on November 14, 2016, includes several enhancements:

New or Enhanced Functionality:

  • Deprecated provisioning to FASMail
  • Housekeeping tasks can now be performed on demand for specific cube(s)
  • Fine-tuned Kerberos aggregation process
  • Enhanced logic to ensure title changes are updated correctly in UNIVAD
  • Enhanced grace period logic to ensure resources are not lost prematurely
  • Added 2 domains to UPN white-list


IIQ 3.1.6 - 9/28/16

IdentityIQ 3.1.6, released on September 28, 2016, includes several enhancements:

New or Enhanced Functionality:

  • Updated the configuration to ensure stricter FERPA compliance.  This reconfiguration addresses the issue that students have experienced not being recognized to download Office ProPlus.
  • Enhancements have been made to the logging of system activities to better support efficient and effective troubleshooting.