Information Maintained in IAM Databases

The Identity & Access Management program at Harvard University maintains information about members of the Harvard Community, including people who have been assigned Harvard University ID numbers (HUIDs) or who have been assigned or have self-assigned Harvard eXtended ID (XIDs). HUIDs are assigned to Harvard faculty, staff, and students, as well as to non-employees such as contractors, consultants, vendors and library special borrowers. General information is maintained about everyone with HUIDs or XIDs, and extra information is maintained about Harvard employees or students. Most of the information is for internal University use and is not made public. For more details, see IAM Privacy Information.   

At present, the University's central system of record for management of FERPA (Family Education Right to Privacy Act) and directory privacy for individuals is the HUID system. This database functions as a repository of Harvard-affiliated people, and contains role, status, contact and privacy data for students, employees, affiliates, contractors & consultants, special borrowers and other special appointees. One important use of the directory privacy data is the production of the University's online directories. With the HUID and related directory systems functioning as the source of contact data for many other systems, including the University online directories, consistent management of privacy values for individuals across their multiple roles is a critical business need. See for a more in-depth discussion of FERPA as implemented at Harvard.

Person Attributes

  • University ID (HUID) Number
  • Names (Full name, Listing name)
  • Authentication Credentials and Related Information
  • Date of Birth
  • Ethnicity
  • Gender
  • ID Card Related Information
  • National ID (e.g. SSN)
  • Internal Unique IDs
  • Photo and Privacy Level
  • University Affiliation, Role, and Status

 Contact Information

  • Directory Listing Information
  • Email Addresses and Privacy Levels
  • Home Mailing Address
  • Office Address and Privacy Level
  • Phone and Fax Numbers and Privacy Levels
  • Phone Book Address and Privacy Level
  • University Mailing Address and Privacy Level

 Employee Details

  • Building Location
  • HR Department
  • Job Specific Information (e.g. Title, Dates, Role)
  • Longer Service, Retired Flags
  • Enable Employee Directory Information Despite FERPA Flag

Student Details

  • Board Plan Information
  • Date of Last Attendance
  • FERPA Block Flag
  • Mailing Address
  • Original Phone Number
  • Phone Number, Location, and Privacy Level
  • Residence House Codes
  • School Code
  • Start and Expected Graduation Dates
  • Student Status Codes
  • Study Abroad Flag
  • Year in School