Roles Determining InCommon "Member of Community" Status

For more information on the Harvard identity provider (IdP) as a whole, including a summary of InCommon's "Member of Community" status and how it is determined at Harvard, please see our Guide to the Harvard Identity Provider.

The list below provides information on the Harvard roles included within the "Member of Community" status.  Please note that being granted or denied member status has absolutely no bearing on access to Harvard resources — "Member of Community" is only used to designate affiliation in the assertions that the Harvard Identity Provider (IdP) sends externally.



(designated 'faculty', 'employee' and 'member')

Senior Faculty (F)  |  Junior Faculty (J)   |  Other Academic (O)


(designated 'student' and 'member')

Registered Student (R)  |  Active Class Participant (A)  | Study Abroad (SA) | Leave, Paying Facilities Fee (LF) 


(designated 'staff', 'employee' and 'member')

Admin & Professional (A)  |  Support Staff (S)


(designated 'employee' and 'member')

Special Exclusion/DCE Faculty (B) |  Temporary Academic (C)  |  Intern (E)  |   Grad Student (G)   |  TAs, Other Staff (I)  |  Part Time Service & Trade (L)   |    External Post Docs NHR (N)  |   Service & Trade Hourly (U)  |   Internal Post Docs (Y)  |Ext Post Docs Harvard Research (Z)


(designated 'affiliate' and 'member')

Temporary Students (D)  |  Harvard Grad Student Fellowship (H)  |  Temporary Staff (T)  | Temp. Off Campus Work Study (W)

Other Roles

(designated 'member')

Board of Overseers  |  Havard Management Company



last updated April 2020