IDDB and LDAP Specifics Determining InCommon "Member of Community" Status

For more information on the Harvard identity provider (IdP) as a whole, including a summary of InCommon's "Member of Community" status and how it is determined at Harvard, please see our Guide to the Harvard Identity Provider.

The list below provides information on what Harvard roles are designated as "Member of Community" based upon faculty, student, or staff status, as well as roles that do not fit neatly into one of these categories but are still granted member status. Types of users who do not receive member status are also listed below. Please note that being granted or denied member status has absolutely no bearing on access to Harvard resources — "Member of Community" is used to designate affiliation in the assertions that the Harvard identity provider (IdP) sends externally.

Letter codes listed in parentheses after the role names below refer to the codes in either our central administrative database (IdDB) or the central admin LDAP directory, respectively. If only one letter code is listed, it is the same in both repositories.

The rules called out below for faculty and staff are implemented by the LDAP loader process and are rolled up into the designation "employee."  The IdP uses the "employee" designation in its rule rather than calling out each role.

Roles Receiving Member Status

harvardEduJobStatus is "current" or "on leave" (included because of the possibility of medical leave) and the person has one of the following faculty roles:

  • Senior Faculty (F)
    Includes emeriti
  • Junior Faculty (J)
  • Other Academic (O)

harvardEduJobStatus is "current" or "on leave" (included because of the possibility of medical leave) and the person has one of the following employee roles:

  • Admin & Professional (A)
  • Special Exclusion/DCE Faculty (B)
  • Temporary Academic (C)
  • Intern (E)
  • Grad Student (G)
  • TAs, Other Staff (I)
  • Part Time Service & Trade (L) 
  • External Post Docs NHR (N)
  • Support Staff (S)
  • Service & Trade Hourly (U)
  • Internal Post Docs (Y)
  • Ext Post Docs Harvard Research (Z)

Registered Student, Active Class Participant, Study Abroad, and "Leave, Paying Facilities Fee" all receive "member" status:

  • R in LDAP covers IDDB Registered (R), Expected Graduation (EG), and EP End of Program (EP) as "registered"
  • Active Class Participant (A)
  • F in LDAP covers IDDB Study Abroad (SA) and "Leave, Paying Facilities Fee" (LF)

Other Roles

  • Members of the Board of Overseers
  • Harvard Management Company employees

Roles Not Receiving Member Status

Employee Roles Without "affiliation=staff"

  • Survivor (R) 
  • Temp Off Campus Work Study (W)
  • Ex-Spouse (X)
  • Temp Off Campus Work Study (W)
    This relates to payment of a student; student and member status need to be otherwise determined
  • Temporary Student (D)
    This relates to payroll handling for students working on campus; student status needs to be otherwise determined

Student Roles Without "affiliation=student"
Note that value codes in parentheses refer to IDDB values and LDAP values, respectively.

  • Pending Enrollment (P/P)
  • LA Leave of Absence (LA/L)
  • All "Non-Active" students: Graduated (GR/GR and GH/GH), Not Registered (NR/NR), Not Enrolled (NE/NR), Completed Non-Degree Program (ND/NR), Deferred Admission (DF/NR), Withdrawn (WR/W)
  • Admission Offer Extended
  • Harvard Grad Stud. Fellowship (H)
    This designation is related to graduate student stipends, but is irrelevant in this case because all graduate students receive an "R" designation

Other Roles

  • POI
  • Library borrower
  • Retiree
  • Smithsonian affiliate

Source: Marlena Erdos