Quick Guide to End Dates for Harvard Affiliates

Please refer to the HUIT IT Service Portal Knowledge Base for up-to-date information on leaving Harvard: https://harvard.service-now.com/ithelp?id=kb_article&sys_id=9ce46d5fdbe7...

When access to Harvard resources ends for an individual who is separating from Harvard usually depends on the end-dating of roles in the identity management system. Though there are some exceptions, the summary below describes procedures for setting end dates for University employees, students, persons of interest, library borrowers, alumni, and retirees.

Please note that the termination of a role does not always mean the removal of authorization to services, nor does it mean that a resource is removed at the same time as access is removed. Additionally, for some populations, the default may not be to revoke access immediately upon the end date (for example, a grace period for email access for graduating students). For general questions about policies for end dates, please refer to the IT Support Knowledge Base: https://harvard.service-now.com/ithelp?id=kb_article&sys_id=9ce46d5fdbe7...

If you are a Harvard HR professional and need to adjust the end date for a specific individual, please email details to ithelp@harvard.edu in order to open a service ticket.

Employees (Including Faculty)

Appointment end dates for faculty, staff, and unpaid appointees are managed in PeopleSoft. In most cases, the last day worked is noted as the end date. In the case of academic term appointments and other term appointments, including temporary and student jobs, an end date will be set at the same time as the start date; ultimately, it may or may not be extended. Otherwise, employees will not have an end date until there is a termination event. If it is necessary to extend access to an employee who has separated from the University, this must be done via a sponsored role to ensure there is an active, current role in the system that corresponds with the access. The length of such roles is decided on a case-by-case basis, with one or two months as a general maximum.


End dates for undergraduate and graduate student roles are set to a date approximating the student's graduation. After graduation, it is possible if necessary to back-date the role end date by several days to coincide with the legal definition of our terms (for federal loan accounting purposes).

For Extension School students and students cross-registered from external institutions, end dates for individuals taking classes are set on a term-by-term basis.

Persons of Interest (POIs)

For POIs, the role end date is set at the time of creation. If the individual separates from Harvard sooner than that date, the actual “last day worked” should be set as the end date.

Library Borrowers

Library borrower records are created with a pre-determined term, and an individual's end date is entered at time of creation.

Alumni and Retirees

Alumni and retiree records do not carry an end date; the record is valid for the entire life of the individual.